For The Health Of It #116: The Reality of Feeling Good

Dr. Jenny, Dr. Natalie and Producer Mike discuss how they get their head straight, even when angry. 


For The Health Of It #115: The Science and Habits Behind Creating The Life You Want

An interview with Laurie Gentempo (someone who knows how to do it!)


For The Health Of It #112: In The News with guest co-host Dr. Margrit Mikulis

Chronic Fatigue and gut health, How much sleep kids need, Prostate drama, Teen anxiety and depression


For The Health Of It #111: An Introduction to Ayurveda

An Introduction to Ayurveda with Dr. Margrit Mikulis

Using Seinfeld characters to explain the doshas!


For The Health Of It #110: Food Intolerance Testing

 Dr. Jenny interviews Dr. Margrit Mikulis on the FIT test. Find out about taking a simple test to learn your unique food sensitivities!


For The Health of It #109: Emotional Freedom Technique

"Tap" away your stress with guest Becki Stevens


For The Health Of It #108: Dr. Jenny and Mike talk DIRT

 Dr. Jenny’s gal pals Jewelie Lewis and Erin Hubbard join in talking about the value of kids and DIRT.


For The Health Of It #107: The Connection Between Emotions and Physical Problems.

A crazy cool, inspiring and eye-opening interview with Jewelie Lewis, LMT and Biomagnetist


For The Health Of It #106: The Scoop on Yoga

"The Scoop on Yoga" with special guest Erin Hubbard


For The Health Of It #105: In The News

Skinny two shot Lattes, Sunshine, Snow and Stool.

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