For The Health Of It #118: How to make the world a little more right within yourself.

Practical and loving tips for stress management.


For The Health Of It #117: The mom who used to eat like a 5 year old.

The health journey of lifestyle personality Priscilla Wilson


For The Health Of It #114: A Rousing Follow Up To “Balance Is Bullsh*t”

Dr. Jenny, Dr. Natalie and Producer Mike amusingly hash out their own experiences


For The Health Of It #98: BEDUCATION

All about Mattresses and a Good Night’s Sleep


For The Health Of It #92: In The News

In the News: sugar and memory, technology addiction and why the sun is good for you


For The Health Of It #90: Due Date Controversy

Are current due date calculations misleading? Listen in with guest Dr. Liisa Hall and learn more…


For The Health Of It #89:Cell Phones and Body Pain

How to minimize strain on the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists and thumbs from repetitive cell phone use


For The Health Of It #88: An “Egg-stra Special Show”

Seriously, a whole show on eggs? You bet! Listen to this!


For The Health Of It #87: Better With Age

How to be cool and look hot as you age :)


For The Health Of It #86: Are We Hungrier?

A fun and interesting look at portion size in America: how to not get fat in today's super-size world.

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