For The Health Of It #125: Be Here Now

Anxious? Stressed? Dr. Jenny interviews Julie Brown Nierman, LICSW, to learn tools that encourage Being In the Moment.


For The Health Of It #124: Trusting your Gut

An interview with Dr. Robin Bruck about maximizing your instincts and intuition to live a healthy life.


For The Health Of It #123: Which personality are You?

Using the Five Love Languages, Dr. Robin Bruck and Dr. Jenny dissect how to show and receive love based on each person’s personality.


For The Health Of It #122: Contracting vs. Expanding your mind and body

An interview with Dr. Anik St-Martin about how to find ease and health in uncertain times


For The Health Of It #121:Stronger Than You Think… from panic to performance the chiropractic way!

An interview with Dr. Jesse Davis on current events and our philosophical understanding of how health is created from the inside out.


For The Health Of It #120: Health comes from your ability to ADAPT! Three Doctors discuss how…

You have more control than you know. Health is when your body can adapt to the environment. Three Docs discuss adaptation and nervous system regulation


For The Health Of It #119: In the News… Tasty plastic food, Aggression and sugar, Pandemic sleeplessness and Tough guy mentality.

Dr. Jenny Bruck and Dr. Daniel Eldridge discuss the latest interesting and crazy news articles about health, healing and sometimes nonsense.


For The Health Of It #118: How to make the world a little more right within yourself.

Practical and loving tips for stress management.


For The Health Of It #117: The mom who used to eat like a 5 year old.

The health journey of lifestyle personality Priscilla Wilson


For The Health Of It #116: The Reality of Feeling Good

Dr. Jenny, Dr. Natalie and Producer Mike discuss how they get their head straight, even when angry. 

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